Membership of CCEAM is through affiliated organisations in Commonwealth countries. A national educational administration, management and leadership association, or other professional body for educational administrators, managers and leaders, may apply for affiliation to the CCEAM. That organisation will be admitted formally if its constitution coheres with the objects of the CCEAM and if its members are offered compulsory or optional CCEAM membership through the national association or professional body. 

Individual memberships of CCEAM are open to any person with an interest in the practice and / or study of educational administration, management and leadership who does not reside in a Commonwealth country. 

Apply for membership online:

Step 1 : Check if you are a member of a CCEAM Affiliate

Visit our affiliates page to check under your region

Step 2: Contact our business manager through the contact page with your name, email address, affiliation, and affiliate ID.

Step 3: If you are not a member of an affiliate you can contact our business manager through the contact page and arrange to join by paying the correct fee from below.


As of January 2009, the subscription fees for developed countries will be raised from ten to twelve pounds sterling, for developing countries from three to four pounds and for individual members from sixteen to twenty pounds sterling. With regards to institutional subscriptions for institutions within the Commonwealth the fees will be GBP150,00, whereas for non-Commonwealth institutions the fees will be GBP170,00. All the aforementioned changes are based on a decision of the CCEAM Biennial General Meeting that was held in Durban, South Africa on 10 September 2008.