The CCEAM is dedicated to fostering cooperative and collaborative exchanges amongst education leadership, admin & management.

CCEAM Membership

Membership of CCEAM is through affiliated organisations in Commonwealth countries.

CCEAM 2022

CCEAM held a joint conference with Belmas July 7-10 2022

A Message From Your New President

Greetings to all affiliates and members of CCEAM!

Carolyn Shields, Canada, president
Paul Miller, Jamaica, past president
Hauwa Imam, Nigeria, vice-president

As your new executive, we want to update you on the activities of CCEAM. We are an organization that is made up of affiliate members who are voting members as well as individual members from countries where there are no affiliates. Our goal is to foster the theory and practice of leadership across various educational settings, with particular attention to creating spaces for every voice, and with a strong commitment to cultural relevance and multiple approaches and perspectives. The values of our logo reflect our strong beliefs and practices.

We would like you to tell us what you want. How can we help you? Among other benefits, all members receive our journal, International Studies in Educational Administration. We are working to improve all processes associated with the journal and to ensure it is more widely and fully indexed. We invite you to submit your work to this journal using the publications link.

We look forward to hearing from you, either by directly emailing any of us or through an email to our CEO, Patricia Briscoe at cceamfuture@gmail.com

We held a joint conference with BELMAS in Liverpool, England from July 8-10, 2022. There we listened to some stimulating presentations including one by our sponsored keynoter, Mere Berryman from New Zealand. Her talk entitled Understanding historical events – leaders building stronger future connections for ‘all’ learners was extremely well received.

Click here to watch Dr. Mere Berryman's wonderfully received keynote address from the BELMAS/CCEAM Conference.

At the gala dinner, which was followed by lively dancing to Beatles music, we also presented two esteemed CCEAM members, Ken Brien and Hauwa Imam, with our highest honour: being made a Fellow of CCEAM.

During the Board Meeting, we also elected a new executive as follows:

Past President Paul Miller
President Carolyn Shields
Vice-president Hauwa Imam

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Anita Collins shared 2022 End of Year Letter to AOs with you In the Commonwealth Accredited Organisations workspace

Dear Colleagues, I hope you are keeping well. As we come to the end of 2022, the Partnerships Team at the Commonwealth Secretariat looks back on a year of service and impact from Commonwealth Accredited Organisations. Please click here for the end of year letter which also contains a video with the end of year message from the Secretary-General. Thank you all for your contribution and hard work, which we appreciate very much. Best wishes for a much deserved break and a happy Christmas and New Year.


Dr. Carolyn Shields, president of CCEAM delivered the annual Bera/CCEAM address on December 1, 2022. If you want to see the speakers' notes and the full presentation, please download the powerpoint. Download the presentation (PowerPoint). View PDF version online. View video of the presentation online.

Congratulations to Shernette Powell, our representative for the Carribean and the Americas, on receiving the Jamaican President's Award for Excellence in Education.


Great opportunity: The executive of the Canadian Association for Studies in Educational Administration has offered CCEAM a slot in its conference to be held in Toronto May 27 to June 1, 2023. If you are interested in participating in a symposium please contact Carolyn Shields at cshields@wayne.edu before Oct. 21.


Call for chapter proposals for an upcoming edited book with editors Ben Kutsyuruba and Fran Kochan of the CSSE, CASEA Canada association


CCEAM Journal: International Studies in Educational Administration (ISEA)

Call for 2022 articles for the CCEAM Journal: International Studies in Educational Administration (ISEA)

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Our Journal: Supporting Our Education Community and Expressing Our Gratitude

As one of the oldest journals in the educational leadership field, the academic journal of CCEAM, International Studies in Educational Administration is well placed to make an important contribution and so four issues of the journal have been devoted to focusing on responses to the Coronavirus pandemic that is currently gripping our world.

Recently, we put out a Special Call for papers focussing on Educational Responses to the Pandemic. The response was overwhelming. There were more than 150 submissions from more than 27 countries. We accepted 60 proposals that will be published over four issues. The first special issue has already been published!

As a service to the educational community worldwide, we are providing open access to these special issues as they are produced during 2020 and beyond. The issues as they are published are available by clicking the link below.

ISEA Publications



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