Conference 2014 Powerpoint Slides


Author Title
Barrett DeWiele, Corinne The Researcher’s Choice of Diverse Methodologies – “Principal” Considerations
Talesra, Hemlata
round table session
Talesra, Hemlata
paper presentation Session
Oplatka, Izhar Internationalizing the debate about high needs schools and leadership for social justice
Oplatka, Izhar Ethical and Emotional Considerations in Educational Leadership
Barrett Dewiele, Corinne The Researcher`s Choice of Diverse Methodologies – Principal considerations
Lapointe, Claire 1
Waite, Duncan Leadership Concepts, Perspectives, and Practices
Milley, Peter Educational Leadership and the Securitization of Education
Shields, Carolyn Keynote Address 1 – Myth, Fairytale and Educational Equity
Blackmore, Jill Keynote Address 2 currently unavailable due to image copyright claim
Sloane, J. Alysha Policy Theatre: Bringing Educational Policy and School Change Into the Streets
McRoberts, Tim Learning From Lived Experiences: An Opportunity for Educational Leaders to Support Diversity in the Classroom
Dogurga, Sherrie-Lynn Round Table Session
MUJIB, NASRIN 7.05 (Diversity of Working and Learning Environments)
AKUDO, FLORENCE Focusing On Change In Educational Leadership: The Need For Female Leaders In Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria
Wanjari, Shashi Educational Leadership at a time of Demographic Change
Bouchamma, Yamina Shifts in School Leadership: Effectiveness, Participation, and Supervision
Apostolou, Sevasti Flourishing Learning Environments: Space, Identity, Safety, and Inclusion
Murphy, Daniel 1.09 Workshop: School Leadership: Dealing with Dilemmas
Chikoko, Vitallis Education leadership in Aboriginal and indigenous contexts
Mueller, Robin Thomas B. Greenfield Dissertation Award Session
Poole, Wendy Education Policy: Purposes, Feasibility and Public Participation
Uyanga, Roseline Emeh Multi Paper Session
Davies, Patricia BELMAS – Invited Session
Cherkowski, Sabre Flourishing in Schools: A Positive Organizational Perspective
Cherkowski, Sabre The Role of the Principal in Creating Learning Climates that Foster a Possibility-Oriented Culture of Change in Schools
Andrews, Dorothy Workshop: Leadership responses to the implications of demographic change in schools: Engaging with processes, tools and strategies for a school wide approach to pedagogy
Wakeham, Margaret Boundary Spanning Roles of Central Office Formal Leaders and Principals in Families of Schools: Distributing Leadership and Creating Innovation
Bartlett, A. Katharine Culturally Relevant or Diverse? Is it either/or?
Lowrey, Scott The Educational Leadership Imperative of Canada’s Outstanding Principals: Student Achievement
Hauseman, Cameron The Nature of Rural School Administrator’s Work
Kiplagat, Hoseah Lecture Non-Attendance by University Students: Triggers and Solutions
Osagie, Roseline Principals’ Leadership and Student Performance in Secondary Schools in
Preston, Jane Twitter and E-Leadership in a Postsecondary Setting