Objectives for 2003-2004

  • Disseminating knowledge about research, practice and role preparation
  • Increasing the participation of professional associations in Commonwealth countries, especially developing countries
  • Increasing the relevance of conferences to national associations in Commonwealth countries, especially developing countries

Outcome Indicators

  • A biennial conference, alternatively hosted by the CCEAM and a national association(s) in Umea, Sweden, 2002; CCEAM/IIP conference in Hong Kong in 2004
  • Published conference proceedings

Stakeholders – Policy Others

  • CCEAM Board
  • External Funding Agencies
  • Commonwealth Foundation

Clients – Direct recipients of services

  • Financial members

Content – Nature of the service provided

  • Support and organise national and international conferences Encourage internationalism
  • Encourage internationalism

Delivery – How the service is provided

  • Consultations with national associations
  • Conference programmes
  • Edited conference proceedings


Jo Howse, President CCEAM, New Zealand
Peter Hodge, Vice President CCEAM, Australia
Ray Auala, CCEAM Board Member, Namibia
Kam-cheung Wong, CCEAM Board Member, Hong Kong
Steve Jacobson, CCEAM Member, USA
Earle Newton, ex-CCEAM Board Member, West Indies
Olof Johansson, 2002 Conference Convenor, Sweden
Keith Maynard, CCEAM Board Member, Australia