Developing Countries

Objectives for 2003-2004

  • Fostering close links and exchanges between individuals and associations
  • Increasing the participation of professional associations in Commonwealth countries, especially developing countries in the Pacific, Africa, India and the Caribbean
  • Supporting educational initiatives in developing countries

Outcome Indicators

  • Reports of exchanges
  • Membership lists of national associations, 2003-2004
  • Evaluations of special initiatives facilitated by CCEAM

Stakeholders – Policy governors & Others

  • CCEAM Board
  • Commonwealth Foundation
  • External Funding Agencies

Clients – Direct recipients of services

  • Professional associations in developing Commonwealth countries

Content – Nature of the service provided

  • Records of current membership and potential targets
  • Access to publications, conferences, governance, and fellowships and awards
  • Access to educational and training opportunities
  • Educational capacity building

Delivery – How the service is provided

  • Association memberships and meetings
  • Mail and electronic networking
  • National and international conferences
  • Visiting experts and practical workshops
  • Collaborative research


President Jo Howse, President CCEAM, New Zealand
Chair Maureen Yard, CCEAM Board Member, Barbados
Consultant Don Clarke, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, New Zealand

Convenor and members – Caribbean taskforce

(C) Maureen Yard, CCEAM Board Member, Barbados
Carolyn Shields, CCEAM Board Member, Canada
Christopher Bezzina, CCEAM Board Member, Malta
Sydwin Bayne, CCEAM Board Member, Barbados

Convenor and members – African taskforce

(C) Tom Bisschoff, CCEAM Board Member, South Africa
Ray Auala, CCEAM Board Member, Namibia
Alexius Muzariri, CCEAM Board Member, Zimbabwe
Sam Busulwa, CCEAM Board Member, Uganda

Convenor and members – Pacific taskforce

(C) Jo Howse, President CCEAM, New Zealand
Toby Curtis, Vice President CCEAM, New Zealand
Carol Cardno, Secretariat CCEAM, New Zealand
Tu’ipulotu Katoanga, CCEAM Board Member, Tonga