Objectives for 2003-2004

  • Disseminate knowledge about research, practice and role preparation
  • Increase the relevance of published content to national associations, especially those in developing countries
  • Ensure equitable delivery of CCEAM’s publications to member associations

Outcome Indicators

  • Three editions of ISEA and two of MEM distributed to all members annually (Note : One ISEA each year to be focused on developing countries))
  • ISEA’s Editorial Board membership reflects CCEAM membership
  • Annual Board evaluations of publications

Stakeholders – Policy governors & Others

  • CCEAM Board
  • ISEA Editorial Board
  • Commonwealth Foundation

Clients – Direct recipients of services

  • Financial members

Content – Nature of the service provided

  • Double blind and peer-refereed articles intended to inform the development of systems, institutions, leadership, preparatory programmes and capacity building
  • Practical advice, opportunities and information relevant to leaders

Delivery – How the service is provided

  • Twice annual mail out of an international quality collection of relevant articles
  • Thrice annual mail out of a professional magazine for leaders


President Jo Howse, President CCEAM, New Zealand
Programme Chair Petros Pashiardis, Executive Vice President CCEAM, Cyprus
Patricia Sallis, Business Manager, CCEAM


Kam-cheung Wong, CCEAM Board Member, Hong Kong
Colin Evers, CCEAM Board Member, Hong Kong
Keith Maynard, CCEAM Board Member, Australia
Ioannis Savvides, CCEAM Board Member, Cyprus
Neil Cooper, CCEAM Board Member, New Zealand
Christopher Bezzina, CCEAM Board Member, Malta
Tom Bisschoff, CCEAM Board Member, South Africa
Barbara Vann, CCEAM Board Member, United Kingdom
Alexius Muzariri, CCEAM Board Member, Zimbabwe