President’s Message

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in the CCEAM. It means a lot that you are interested in our work, and it would mean so much more if we can count on your support/partnership going forward. The CCEAM has an important role to play in leading debates and discourse in education throughout the Commonwealth, and to be recognised globally as a major source of and contributor to research, theory, policy and practices in educational leadership, management and administration.

As education systems within and beyond the Commonwealth continue to experience challenges with teacher quality, governance and accountability, leadership preparation and development, school improvement, and resourcing education, the role and work of the CCEAM becomes even more important in (a) producing and facilitating rigorous and top quality research, (b) facilitating and using research to improve practice, and (c) using research to influence policy development and agendas. From Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas to Europe and the Pacific, we need each and every one of you, as individuals or through institutional membership to help us deliver on our commitment to improving education for all within the Commonwealth regardless of country location, size, religion, language spoken, cultural practices, racial/ethnic make-up, economic status and/or any other ascriptions. In other words, the CCEAM believes in “One Commonwealth” and in the unity of the Commonwealth, and we very much hope you will witness this in our work and that you will embrace and (continue to) support this work in any way you can.

We do not claim to have the answers, and we do not claim to be able to completely change policy and practice within or across Commonwealth countries. However, our committment is to try our hardest to do so, by working closely with other Commonwealth agencies, National Affiliates and other CCEAM affiliated organisations, schools, colleges, universities, individuals, and with education ministries, education inspectorates, colleges and institutes for principal preparation and development, parent associations, community organisations and educational research associations. This multiple voice approach underlines the fact that for the CCEAM to be successful and to have as meaningful an impact as possible, it needs you! We need you. I encourage you to take a look at the Priorities agreed by the Executive and Board for the period 2018-2022.

As your President, my in-box and telephone lines are open to you. I am only an email or a telephone call away, and I would welcome your ideas for how you wish to contribute to the growth and development of the CCEAM over the next four years, and beyond.

In solidarity….

Paul Miller, PhD, LLM, MBA

Professor of Educational Leadership & Management

University of Huddersfield, UK

03 January 2019